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A thought on DDoS Prevention

OK, here’s a thought I came up with when having my wee dram in front of the fireplace the other day. We’ve come to learn to live with the day to day threat of DDoS attacks. Each of which seem to grow exponentially in magnitude, launched by literally anyone having some basic programming skills, time and sometimes some resources. The collateral damage is also usually unintended and huge. But what if we could stop many these things earlier?

As we all know, it is always a matter of resources (read botnet zombies etc.) in order to fill the bandwidth of the intended target(s), either by plugging the architectural bottlenecks, hitting the Achilles heel (read DNS infrastructure and similar) or by hitting the target directly.

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SMTPTX is a very simple tool written in Python used for sending simple email and do some basic email testing from a pentester perspective. Its able to send messages without depending on knowing a specific MTA/SMTP server beforehand. Unlike tools like sendemail it handles the MX record resolution itself and connects to the relevant server and sends the email. Its able to add attachments, use TLS and do SMTP authentication, specify custom DNS servers and SMTP servers etc. More features are under way.

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