New book cooking – PCB-RE: Tools & Techniques

I while ago, I wrote a review of the book The Art of PCB Reverse Engineering. A while later I got an email of appreciation for the review from Ng Keong Tiong. Now! It would seem that Ng Keng Tiong is working on a sequel to this book called PCB-RE: Tools & Techniques.

When I last checked, it seemed that he was about to finish the first section of the book comprised by three chapters.

  • Basics of PCB RE
  • Challenges, Obstacles and Workarounds
  • Manual Override

Reading through his blog the book looks very promising! There are a lot of essential areas that he would seem to address judging from the titles, images and excerpts, many of which I was missing in his first book.

I very much look forward to its release and will be one of the first to buy it!

To follow his progress, check out the blog:

While doing so, also be sure to check out the nice freebies and bonuses offered as well! Very nice!