Ambition was low, oceans of time were not avilable…Then reallity still came knocking on the door, only this time I knowingly left the site unmaintained having no ambition nor time to maintain it but in a state that would perhaps have it long-lived. The years went by and no updates in sight but the site kept running on my slightly modded self updating WP platform. Daily and weekly logs kept poring in showing an amazingly high amount of attempts to break into it. But at some point, the site broke as it tried to update a component internally. I found this in a post referring to regarding converting the BinDiff package to Fedora and that the page was broken.

New platform

I’ve desided to move on to another platform even less in need of maintenance, in this case Github Pages and Jekyll. This also gives me some other nice advantages except that of static content, simplicity and other people handling the maintenance. I’ve fully integrated 2FA using a Yubikey which I use both for authentication as well as signing the content/updates using my GPG-key.

This reboot is now taking place pretty much exactly 5 years from the last “reboot”.


The old platform will only be available as a copy on (Does not render correctly)


We’ll see about that… ;)