I while ago, I wrote a review of the book The Art of PCB Reverse Engineering. A while later I got an email of appreciation for the review from Ng Keong Tiong. Now! It would seem that Ng Keng Tiong is working on a sequel to this book called PCB-RE: Tools & Techniques.

When I last checked, it seemed that he was about to finish the first section of the book comprised by three chapters.

Basics of PCB RE Challenges, Obstacles and Workarounds Manual Override

Reading through his blog the book looks very promising! There are a lot of essential areas that he would seem to address judging from the titles, images and excerpts, many of which I was missing in his first book.

I very much look forward to its release and will be one of the first to buy it!

To follow his progress, check out the blog:


While doing so, also be sure to check out the nice freebies and bonuses offered as well! Very nice!