SMTPTX is a very simple tool written in Python used for sending simple email and do some basic email testing from a pentester perspective. Its able to send messages without depending on knowing a specific MTA/SMTP server beforehand. Unlike tools like sendemail it handles the MX record resolution itself and connects to the relevant server and sends the email. Its able to add attachments, use TLS and do SMTP authentication, specify custom DNS servers and SMTP servers etc. More features are under way.

The tool is intended to be used when assessing the functionality and basic configuration and security settings of SMTP servers and other pentesting oriented tasks. It may also be useful as a system tool in scripts and such for sending logs and such off of a system or anything that makes the life of the legit user/administrator easier.

What SMTPTX isn’t

The tool is NOT a spam tool and was never intended to be such a tool. Thus SMTPTX is not permitted to be used as such! The author of SMTPTX cannot be held responsible for any illegal use of the tool.

Beta Code

The tool has not been extensively tested. Only the intended basic functionality has been verified under optimal conditions. Bugs and feature suggestions may be sent my way and I’ll try to fix/implement them in a somewhat near future. No promises are being made though as I lead a very busy life.

The code has only been tested on Linux (Debian/Kali) as I rarely use Windows. And as such, I don’t know how it will behave on Windows or Mac. However, I don’t see any reasons why it shouldn’t run on those platforms.

Further options are planned for SMTPTX, such as VRFY, custom EHLO, logging to file and a few more. I’m also thinking of implementing interactive mode and perhaps som basic dictionary attack features etc. Time will tell for sure.


This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3 as published by the Free Software Foundation. Please see file “LICENSE” accompanying SMTPTX for details or visit GNU:


Hopefully there will be none ;)

Revision History

1.1 Beta - Introduced custom EHLO host option 1.0 Beta - Initial release