0x90 Reboot

Ambition was high, oceans of time available it seemed…Then reality came knocking on the door, as usual and the site became less and less maintained with no new content and so forth. That said it doesn’t mean that nothing has happened. It just hasn’t been added to the site. I’ll try to change that and make the site more alive. Every entry does not have to have hours of work behind them and so forth. And to make life easier, I’ve changed the framework too.

Things may be a bit shaky the next couple of weeks regarding contents, visual representation, availability or similar.


SMTPTX is a very simple tool written in Python used for sending simple email and do some basic email testing from a pentester perspective. Its able to send messages without depending on knowing a specific MTA/SMTP server beforehand. Unlike tools like sendemail it handles the MX record resolution itself and connects to the relevant server and sends the email. Its able to add attachments, use TLS and do SMTP authentication, specify custom DNS servers and SMTP servers etc. More features are under way.

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Malware analysis – Part I

This guide is the first one in a planned series of three. It guides the beginner and intermediate malware analyst in the art of malware analysis, by setting up a basic virtual analysis machine. It is focused on free and open source tools in order to make it available to all. This is a strategic choice on my part as we need to join forces, as many as possible, in the battle against malware and the forces behind it.

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